The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room


For many, the concept of beauty is a great mystery.  Women spend infinite resources, countless hours, and an abundance of effort trying to pinpoint and discover the precise products and treatments that will make them more beautiful.  However, over time the thing that I have come to realize, is that there is a big difference between a beautiful woman who turns heads, and a beautiful woman who captivates hearts.  Furthermore, I believe that it is actually the woman who captivates hearts that is truly the most beautiful woman in the room.

I will be the first to admit that there was once a time in my life that I too chased after the elusive idea of beauty.  This was evidenced by several years where I spent countless hours, an abundance of energy, and money that could have definitely been better spent, in pursuit of the type of physical beauty that others would acknowledge and admire.  Then, one evening, while out with a group of girlfriends, when beauty was not at all at the forefront of my mind, I experienced a true “A-ha!” moment.  At that time in my life I was not married, but I was in a serious relationship with my now husband.  I don’t recall that I looked any different than I normally do, but during the course of the evening See Inner BeautyI remember being approached by quite a few guys wanting to dance.  I was flattered, but also completely content to enjoy the company of my friends and spend the evening with just them alone.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder what was so different about me that evening that I would get so much attention compared to other similar evenings in the past.  Then it hit me.  It wasn’t the way that I looked that was attractive, but it was the way that I acted that was attractive. Thinking back on that evening I was happy, content, fun, and most importantly I was confident.  Over time I have tested this theory, and I believe that it holds true.

The kind of beauty that turns heads, is best described as a skin-deep beauty.  In our society, this is the most obvious, and arguably the most highly regarded type of beauty.  However, it is based solely on genetics, presentation, and overall outward appearance.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with skin deep beauty, this type of beauty in a woman, will often inspire compliments and admiration.  Yet, because it is based solely on appearances, it can also be fleeting and superficial.

On the other hand, the type of beauty that captivates hearts, is best described as a beauty that radiates from the inside out.  This type of beauty has little to do with outward appearance, but everything to do with a positive attitude and a fun and loving spirit.  It is not as glamourous as skin deep beauty, but I would argue that its effects go deeper, last longer, and reach further because it is more genuine and true. The Most Beautiful Woman QuotePhysical beauty is admirable, enviable, and even memorable, but I truly believe that it is the beauty that comes from within that has the power to captivate. 

In my opinion the most beautiful woman in the room is not the woman with the prettiest face, the most glamourous dress, or even the brightest smile.  Instead, she is the woman who people want to converse with, the woman whose personality sparkles, and the woman who stays on your mind even after the meeting has ended.   She has an undefinable beauty born of a personality that sparkles and confidence that draws people in.  

So instead of spending our time and resources in pursuit of admirable but fleeting physical beauty, today I challenge you to make a conscious decision to begin to pursue the deeper and more enchanting beauty that comes from inside.  This type of beauty is able to withstand bad hair days, pesky breakouts, and that stubborn bit of extra weight that’s not going anywhere fast.  But most importantly, this type of beauty encourages true happiness and confidence and it has the power to transform your life.  That is the type of beauty that I aspire to achieve.

Be Happy.  Be Confident. Be Beautiful Today!

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